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One of the key ingredients of any Sweet/Dessert, is not only an essential but an almost indispensable ingredient in Baking. While adding sweetness to all the Bakes, it plays a very vital role in giving cakes their very 'Structure'. Hence, substituting sugar with anything else clearly means compromising on the very structure called 'Cake'. Keeping this fact in mind, a sugar free cake needs to be judged on how 'minimal' the structure has been compromised. It needs to be judged on it's taste, in all it's totality, knowing that a 'Lot More' effort ( in deciding the substitutes) has gone into il, as compared to regular cakes.





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They say that the only ingredient that separates home cooked food from the huge variety of restaurant food is the ‘INDISPENSABLE’ ingredient of ‘LOVE & WARMTH’.

Every business on this planet has a USP and I feel that it must have one. Putting a price tag on my passion and moving work out of home to work out of a commercial setup, owing to greater demand, does not mean that I would alter the ingredients, replace the authentic expensive ingredients with the more frequently used, easily available and cheaply priced preservatives, artificial flavourings or unbranded ingredients. The USP IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE - ‘LOVE AND WARMTH AND THE PURITY AND FRESHNESS OF INGREDIENTS I USE.’


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